Sugar Glider Espresso

Sugar Glider Espresso

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Pioneros de Sotará and San Agustín | Colombia
smallholders and Metad | Ethiopia

Yirgacheffe, Gedeo Zone | Ethiopia
Sotará, Cauca and San Agustín Huila | Colombia

Ethiopian heirlooms, Castillo, Caturra, Colombia

1600 – 2100 m

December 2020-November 2021

Cocoa | Orange | Plum

Sugar Glider, like all our seasonal espresso blends, is named for an animal as relentless in its pursuit of sweetness as we are. When it locates sugary treats — tree sap, nectar, fruit — its descends in style to satisfy its sweet tooth. We enjoy the annual exercise of building this espresso blend from scratch because it places a heavy emphasis on sweetness while also exploring the most suitable accent notes.

The primary ingredient in this year’s recipe comes from a group of smallholder farmers we have been working with since 2015 in the storied Ethiopian coffee region known as Yirgacheffe: our Ethiopia Metad Beriti Washed single-origin offering.

The secondary component is a series of single-farm lots from Sotará, Cauca, in the Andes of Southern Colombia. We have been working there since 2016 with our friends at Banexport to help a small but growing group of smallholder growers improve quality. The lots selected for Sugar Glider represent the best of their 2021 harvest.

The third ingredient is a selection of community lots from our work with Banexport in Cauca and a similar project with In-Conexus near the community of San Agustín in neighboring Huila.

These smallholder coffees come together in this seasonal espresso blend to layer sweet citrus and berry flavors over a rich milk chocolate base.

18 g in | 29 seconds | 50 grams out