Seasonal Drink: Hopped Cider

Seasonal Drink: Hopped Cider

Ring in the new season with latest addition to our coffeebar menu: Hopped Cider. This delicious limited offering features a crisp blend of chai, apple cider, citra hops, and a touch of honey.

This festive recipe was crafted with care by one of our talented baristas – Sarah Anderson.
“In the weeks that I spent crating this drink, the temperatures in Los Angeles were soaring. As a Southern California native I know that we don’t see a big dip in the heat until early winter. In creating our fall seasonal drink, I wanted something that would have fall flavors and taste good both hot and cold so all the regions that Intelligentsia calls home can enjoy it. Using unfiltered apple juice as a base, I added Masala chai to bring out those warm spices that remind me of fall. Citra hops come in to give a bitter citric kick to balance the sweetness of the apple. Iced its cool and refreshing, hot is warm and spicy, and the sparkling is a little bit magical. ”

– Sarah Anderson.


Stop in your local Intelligentsia coffeebar to try it today! Or try it at home and make it a boozy beverage – we recommend adding a splash of bourbon for the perfect autumn cocktail.

2oz Hopped Cider
1oz Rye Whisky

Combine everything. Shake with ice for 10 seconds and strain into a glass.

2oz Hopped Cider
1oz Rye Whisky (I used Bulleit)
1 egg white
3 dashes Angostura Bitters
1/2oz honey

Dry shake for 10 seconds to incorporate honey. Shake with ice for 10 seconds. Strain into glass.