Pride Month 2021

Pride Month 2021

This year, we celebrated Pride Month with a weekly resource roundup covering a range of topics range of topics including: intersectionality within the LGBTQ+ community, pioneers of LGBTQ history, resources on how to be an ally to the transgender community, and more!

See below for a comprehensive list of the resources shared throughout the month of June!

Organizations to Support:
National Black Justice Coalition

The National Resource Center on LGBT Aging

Deaf Queer Resource Center

Immigration Equality


The Trevor Project


Effective Allyship: A Transgender Take on Intersectionality

How To Make Pride Truly Accessible

How You Can Prevent Fatphobia in the Queer Community

Why We Need to Keep the “i” a Part of the Lgbtqia Conversation in Politics

LGBTQ+ History
Organizations Preserving LGBTQ+ History:

Digital Transgender Archives

NYC LGBT HistoricSites Project

Lesbian Herstory Archives

William Way LGBT Center


5 Queer History Podcasts for Pride Month (and All Year Round)

LGBTQ Heroes You Didn’t Learn About in School

15 LGBTQ History Books for Kids

Disclosure Documentary

A Timeline of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender History in the United States

Transgender Allyship and Activism Resources

Youth Activists Lead Fight Against Anti-Trans Bills

Statistics About Discrimination Faced By Trans People

10 of the Best Trans and Non-Binary Podcasts

8 Things You Should Know About Two Spirit People

A Guide to Being An Ally to Transgender and Non-Binary Youth

Creating a Trans Inclusive Workspace

Allyship Resources

Toilets, bowties, gender and me

Eight Queer Podcasts to Listen to During Pride Month and Beyond

How to Support LGBTQ Youth

Allyship and Intersectionality: From the 2020 Diversity & Inclusion Research Conference

How to Be an Ally During Pride (and Beyond)

9 LGBTQ+ Organizations To Donate To During Pride Month (& Every Month After)

Beyond Pride Month

LGBTQ Rights | American Civil Liberties Union (

22 Powerful LGBTQIA+ Leaders, Educators, and Advocates to Follow and Support Now and Always

Pride Month: How to be a good LGBTQ+ ally

This Pride Month Is Historic — Let’s Keep That Momentum Going

How to Support the LGBTQ Community as an Ally After Pride Month