Peru La Pomorosa

Peru La Pomorosa

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Rosas Olano Díaz
Finca La Pomorosa
Origin Coffee Lab

Utcumamba, Amazonas

Caturra, Catimor

1520 m

April-August 2021

Dried Cherry | Citrus | Cacao

We have been sourcing smallholder coffees from northern Peru for well over a decade. Until we started working with the team from Origin Coffee Lab back in 2015, however, we were rarely able to access coffees from specific villages, to say nothing of single farms.

In an area where the dominant approach is to blend coffees from thousands of smallholder farms indiscriminately to aggregate large volumes, Origin moved decisively in the opposite direction, pursuing a strategy of lot separation and quality-based differentiation that is deeply aligned with our own approach to sourcing. Origin shares our belief that bigger is not necessarily better when it comes to coffee, and small can be beautiful. By isolating coffees from single farms or small villages and presenting them separately, Origin is able to preserve what makes the great ones great and avoid adulterating them with coffees of lower quality from other growers and great and avoid adulterating them with coffees of lower quality from other growers and communities.  This positions Origin to seize opportunities in the specialty coffee market, command premium prices, and deliver more value to the smallholder growers it serves — quality-focused growers like Rosas Olano Díaz.

His farm, La Pomorosa, is located in Utcubamba, Amazonas, a little east of the region from which we have sourced most of our single-origins in Peru in recent years. This is the first single-origin coffee we have sourced from Rosas and La Pomorosa.