Persephone Blend

Persephone Blend

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smallholder farmers
Pioneros de Sotará and Pioneros de San Agustín projects, Colombia
Metad Gedeb washing station, Ethiopia

Cauca and Huila, Colombia
Gedeo Zone, Ethiopia

Castillo, Caturra, Colombia, Ethiopian heirlooms

1700-2150 m

December 2020-July 2021

Plum | Cocoa | Dried Cherry

At this time of year, birdsong fills the air, buds appear overnight on tree branches, and the first green shoots push up through the ground — tell-tales signs of spring that fill us with a sense of renewal and hope. And this time every year, we release our Persephone blend to mark the occasion. For the past few seasons, our Persephone recipes have played on the theme of hope, featuring lots from small-scale family farmers who see coffee as a path to a brighter future. This year is no exception.

The 2022 edition of Persephone features two of the world’s most celebrated coffee origins: Colombia and Ethiopia. It is anchored by a selection of coffees from our two most important smallholder projects in Colombia — one in Cauca and the other in Huila — including a blend of community lots and the best single-farm lots of the season from our Pioneros de Sotará project in Cauca. Together with our Ethiopia Metad Beriti Washed single-origin offering, they produce notes of plum, cocoa, and dried cherry.

— Michael Sheridan
Director of Sourcing and Shared Value