Nicaragua Los Delirios Pacamara

Nicaragua Los Delirios Pacamara

The Canales family farm Los Delirios lies down a quiet country lane in the sleepy town of Pueblo Nuevo, whose valley floor and gently rolling hills have historically been better known for cattle ranching and tobacco than for coffee. So when Pio Canales bought the Los Delirios farm back in 1958, he may have planted coffee, but he was primarily focused on raising cattle. It was his son, Daniel, who made the farm synonymous with coffee, and helped establish Pueblo Nuevo as a coffee origin with an international reputation.

The breakthrough came in 2004 when Daniel became the first coffee grower in the world to earn top honors at a Cup of Excellence competition with a certified organic coffee. Since then, the farm has expanded rapidly, with each of Daniel’s three sons — Milton, Norman, and Donald — investing the profits from their coffee sales continuously to expand production and improve quality. Today, Los Delirios is less a farm than a portfolio of contiguous organic farms that are jointly managed by the growing Canales family.

Daniel may have stopped competing in the Cup of Excellence, but he has never stopped innovating to improve the quality of his coffee, as this release suggests.

Over the past decade, he joined the movement of quality-focused growers toward varietal diversification to expand the range of flavors his farm could produce, moving beyond the Caturras and Bourbons that have been the farm’s primary varieties for its 60-year history to include Pacamara, an uncommon variety with unusually large cherry that is known for its extraordinary sweetness and flavor. In the able hands of Daniel Canales, it has not disappointed — it has been consistently the most vibrant and complex coffee we have sourced from the Canales family over the past five seasons.

— Michael Sheridan
Director of Sourcing and Shared Value
Green Coffee Buyer for Nicaragua

Daniel Canales
Los Delirios

Pueblo Nuevo, Estelí


1350 m

January-February 2021

Golden Raisin | Apple | Honey

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