Honey Badger

Honey Badger

smallholder farmers

Sotará, Cauca — Colombia
Beriti, Gedeo Zone — Ethiopia
Kirinyaga, Central Region — Kenya

Castillo, Caturra, Ethiopian heirlooms, Riuru, SL-28, SL-34

1550-2100 m

October 2020-July 2021

Cherry | Plum | Orange

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As we moved into the New Year, we began to prepare for the return of our Honey Badger seasonal espresso, named for an animal who is almost as ferocious in its pursuit of sweetness as we are.

We enjoy this espresso because it places a heavy emphasis on sweetness while also exploring the most suitable accent notes.

This year, we achieved the best balance in a three-part recipe featuring one coffee from South America and two from East Africa, most of them from smallholder growers.

The primary ingredient was grown in the shadow of the Sotará Volcano in Cauca, Colombia. It comes from a group of growers we call Pioneros de Sotará for their groundbreaking embrace years ago of a quality-first strategy in a region where such an approach was uncommon.

The secondary component is an organic lot our from smallholder farmers in the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia: our Ethiopia Metad Beriti Washed.

And the third is comprised of a selection of lots from Kenya’s most celebrated growing regions, starting with one from the Kegwa Farmer Cooperative Society in Kirinyaga.

Together, they deliver a memorable shot of espresso with notes of cherry, plum, and orange.

18g in / 28 seconds / 50g out