Honduras Caballero Family Pacamara

Honduras Caballero Family Pacamara

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Moisés Herrera and the Caballero Family

La Paz, Marcala


1400-1600 m

January-March 2021

Black Tea | Apple | Dried Fruit

The Caballero family embodies the future the specialty coffee sector is striving for. 

Two decades ago, they were unsure whether to continue producing coffee. Facing a volatile marketplace and a rapidly changing climate with no reliable roadmap to follow, it would have been easy for them to give up on coffee and do something else. Today they are among the most celebrated coffee producers in Central America with an enviable client list that includes some of the most respected coffee companies in the world. Their story is one of persistence, innovation, and adaptation. In the nearly two decades we’ve known each other, they’ve achieved exceptional consistency in productivity while constantly exploring the outer edges of coffee’s sensory potential by tinkering with post-harvest processing and planting different varieties, like the Pacamara in this lot. 

Everything about Pacamara is big — the cherry, the seed inside, and the outsize flavor it produces in the cup. It is a cross between natural mutations of two of the oldest and most important varieties of coffee.  Pacas is a Bourbon mutation discovered in El Salvador, and Maragogipe is a Typica mutation from Brazil that produces massive cherry and seed.  Together, they put the “Paca” and “mara,” respectively, in Pacamara, and infuse their progeny with pronounced sweetness.

The Caballeros planted Pacamara a few years ago at their highest-elevation farms as part of a process of varietal diversification to expand the range of flavors they could produce.  This lot tasted to us like apple and dried fruits, with delicate black tea notes.