Guatemala Los Volcanes

Guatemala Los Volcanes

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smallholder farmers
Los Volcanes Coffee


Bourbon, Caturra

1550-1900 m

January-March 2021

Plum | Red Grape | Caramel

This is our first year embarking on a relationship with Los Volcanes Coffee, a team of mission-driven coffee professionals exporting coffees representative of the Antigua region of Guatemala. Though this is the first year their coffee has found its way onto our menu, it is years in the making. We have spent years talking with them, walking through their projects, and evaluating coffees with their team to find the best selections from the projects they manage.

This lot is from their Proyecto Aurora in the fabled coffee region of Antigua. Their employees own small estates that have been passed from generation to generation, and coffee has grown on some of these farms since it first found its way to the region in the 19th century.

Los Volcanes commits to purchasing all coffee from these farms. Since every farm has varying levels of quality, due to different growing conditions, soil conditions, or harvest quality, the value of this commitment cannot be overstated — it provides a very high level of security and stability for the farms that participate in the project..

In fact, Los Volcanes also provides the opportunity for these producers to take part in evaluating their coffees. This also cannot be overstated: many producers do not have a firm understanding of what their coffee tastes like. A participatory approach to coffee tasting not only helps growers understand the process by which their coffees are evaluated, but also gives them insight into how much their coffee is worth.

This lot consists of Bourbon and Caturra lots from farms that range in elevation 1550-1900 meters above sea level. The coffee is sun-dried on patios in keeping with traditional Antigua practice.

— Sam Sabori
Director of Coffee
Green Coffee Buyer for Guatemala