Guatemala La Soledad H1

Guatemala La Soledad H1

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La Soledad
The Pérez Family


Centroamericano H1

1550-1650 m

December 2020 – February 2021

Lime | Black Cherry | Honey

Finca La Soledad has been in the Pérez family for 125 years. Their farm sits at an elevation of 1400-1700 meters above sea level, with this H1 variety planted between 1550-1650 MASL. The farm totals 90 hectares (just over 222 acres), with half dedicated to coffee production and the other half an untouched forest preserve in conservation. The farm is 25 kilometers from Fuego, an active volcano, whose constant eruptions deposit a small, consistent amount of ash on the coffee fields. This helps the farm by providing many minerals and enabling better water retention.

The variety we are presenting is Centroamericano H1, a compact variety created through a cross of the Sarchimor and Rume Sudan varieties. The variety, which is recognized for great cup quality, resistance to coffee leaf rust, and high yields, is one of the signature successes of recent breeding efforts in Central America. It was released to coffee farmers in 2010.

The Pérez family took a chance on this variety seven years ago when it purchased and planted 15,000 H1 seedlings. The intent of adding this variety to their farm was to diversify and protect against some of the most common issues plaguing Central American farmers. This willingness to take a risk on the newly developed variety was a calculated step that has paid off in microlot quality every year the plants have borne fruit.

We have been working with the Pérez family since 2006, and over the years we have witnessed countless innovations for the sake of quality. This year’s H1 from Finca La Soledad was fermented for 40-45 hours, washed, and dried on raised beds over the course of 14-17 days.

This is our third and final release from Finca La Soledad for the 2020-2021 harvest. Like the other coffees we present on their behalf, this is true to the growing conditions of the year, the variety of the coffee, as well as where the coffee is from.

— Sam Sabori
Director of Coffee
Green Coffee Buyer for Guatemala