Guatemala La Soledad Geisha

Guatemala La Soledad Geisha

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Pérez family
La Soledad



1560 m

December 2020-February 2021

Floral | Tangerine | Raspberry

Ask the Pérez family what they do, and they’ll tell you coffee is in their blood. They are fifth-generation coffee producers, known to specialty coffee fans for producing expressively sweet and floral coffees. Through multiple Cup of Excellence awards and longstanding DT relationships, this family has upheld, expanded, and refined the reputation of coffee in Acatenango, Guatemala.

Unlike many award-winning coffee growers who live in the comfort of the city and manage their farms remotely, the Perez family lives on-site at Finca La Soledad. Their constant exposure to their coffee makes them especially attuned to its cycles and needs, and allows them to manage challenges before they get out of hand.

They planted the Geisha lot at La Soledad Geisha in 2012 with 9,000 trees. They grow at 1560 meters above sea level under a canopy of inga and grevillea trees that provide protection from the harsh sun and heavy winds that are always an issue in this area. And they are well-nourished, with a diet centered around organic worm compost.

This microlot from La Soledad has been a constant on our menu since its first harvest. The La Soledad Geisha, in our opinion, is true the region where it was grown — Acatenango, Guatemala — and also embodies what one should expect from this delicate, low-yielding variety.

As for the taste profile, use those tasting notes on the bag as anchors, and feel free to let your mind try to see both the floral qualities that make this coffee so prized, and the honeyed mid-palate that is a hallmark of La Soledad.

— Sam Sabori
Director of Coffee
Green Coffee Buyer for Guatemala