Fruit Bat Espresso

Fruit Bat Espresso

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Yachi Kachise Cooperative (Ethiopia)
Kokolla Cooperative (Ethiopia)
Coopedota (Costa Rica)

Gera and Agaro, Ethiopia
Tarrazu, Costa Rica

Ethiopian landraces
Traditional Latin American varieties

1400-2150 m

November 2020-March 2021

Orange | Cola | Black Cherry

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We are delighted to release our Fruit Bat seasonal espresso blend, named for a member of the animal kingdom that shares our love of sweetness.

Unlike other bats, fruit bat does not make its way in the world through echolocation — the nocturnal navigation system that allows most other bat species to fly in the darkness.  Fruit bat relies instead on its other senses, using its big eyes and big olfactory to avoid predators and feed its big craving for fruit.And unlike most bats, which eat insects, fruit bat is frugivorous — it survives by eating fruit.  More precisely, fruit bat is nectarivorous — it uses its long tongue to lick the nectar out of flowers and its big teeth to break fruit skins so it can guzzle the sugary juices inside.  

The 2021 edition of our Fruit Bat blend achieves its fruity sweetness in part because it is anchored by coffee from a washing station — an approach that helps ensure all the coffee cherry delivered to these processing centers from hundreds of small-scale family farms are the deep red that signals uniform ripeness and maximum sweetness. The ripe coffee cherry harvested for the primary component of Fruit Bat is a mix of varieties indigenous to Ethiopia, grown by smallholder farmers from the Yachi Kachise and Kokolla cooperatives that are new to  our lineup.  That coffee is complemented by another cooperative lot from our long-standing Direct Trade partners at Coopedota in Costa Rica.

18 g in | 30 seconds | 55 g out