Ethiopia Metad Chelchele Washed

Ethiopia Metad Chelchele Washed


Chelchele, Gedeo Zone

indigenous Ethiopian varieties

1900-2100 m

December 2020-January 2021

Apricot | Blood Orange | Red Grape

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There is no place on earth that produces more tantalizing, sublimely flavorful coffees than Ethiopia.  The coffee quality game has been rigged from the start: there’s Ethiopia, and then there’s everyone else.  The incredible range of tastes found throughout the country is a reflection of the harmony that exists between the noble coffee tree and the environment in which it was born.

Chelchele is a town, or ‘kebele,’ located in the heart of the Gedeo Zone, arguably the most famous of all of Ethiopia’s coffee regions. It is known both locally and internationally for its production of coffees of extraordinary quality. The coffees from this area have long been marketed as “Yirgacheffe,” and are cherished for their intoxicating floral, peach, and jasmine-like notes.  It was here in 1974 that the practice of washing coffees first took root in the country, playing a massive role in helping Ethiopia establish its global reputation for quality. Removing the skin of the coffee fruit and the fruit pulp then washing the seed clean before drying them highlights the more nuanced characteristics and allows intrinsic flavor details associated with specific terroir — the ‘taste of place’ — to come across clearly.

Ethiopia is also home to the world’s most profound coffee culture.  It is the only major coffee producing country that consumes nearly as much coffee as it exports. At least one out of every five Ethiopians is a home roaster, and every block in every neighborhood is filled with coffee experts who have passed down knowledge of coffee preparation from generation to generation.

— Geoff Watts
Vice President of Coffee
Green Coffee Buyer for Ethiopia