Ethiopia Gori Gesha Special Selection

Ethiopia Gori Gesha Special Selection

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Rachel Samuel Overton and Adam Overton
Gesha Village Coffee Estate

Bench Maji

Gori Gesha

1909-2069 m

December 2020 – January 2021

Honey | Strawberry | Orange

Gesha Village is a breathtaking coffee farm in a remote zone of Ethiopia considered the birthplace of the Arabica coffee species.  It is at once both old and new.  Venerable heirloom cultivars from a bygone era grow there under a towering canopy of ancient, indigenous trees.  It is a throwback to the pre-industrial past when coffee trees grew wild in the forest and evolved on their own, without human intervention.  But make no mistake, the wildness of the Gesha Village farm is the product of careful design by Adam Overton and Rachel Samuel Overton, two studious farmers utilizing cutting-edge knowledge to produce exhilarating coffee.

One of the first things they did to build the farm was an expedition into the nearby Gori Gesha forest to collect seed from the coffee still growing wild there. While many coffee lovers are now familiar with the expatriated Geisha variety, few realize it has dozens of brothers, sisters and cousins living in Ethiopia.  In 1936, seeds were collected in the forests of Gori Gesha and transported to a coffee research facility in Costa Rica, via Kenya and Tanzania.  Most of the coffee being cultivated all over the Americas today under the “Geisha” banner is descended from those seeds.  Gori Gesha is the family that stayed home, living in the forest in relative obscurity, mostly unknown to the coffee-consuming world abroad until now.  It is not one type but several, cultivated from cherries collected by Rachel and Adam on that initial expedition.

This natural-process Gori Gesha lot reflects the best of Gesha Village, the product of modern farming and data analytics applied to an indigenous variety and a traditional post-harvest process.

— Geoff Watts
Vice President of Coffee
Green Coffee Buyer for Ethiopia

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