Ethiopia Alaka Natural

Ethiopia Alaka Natural

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Alaka, Guji Zone

mixed indigenous

1900-2100 m


Blackberry | Plum | Honey

The ‘natural’ process is easy to explain. After the coffee cherry is plucked from the plant, it is
immediately set out to dry. Over multiple weeks the water evaporates slowly from the cherry,
which darkens and shrivels until it looks like a little black pod. Once it is fully dry the hardened
cherry skin is mechanically removed and the seeds within are sorted by size and density.

What is not at all easy to explain is what happens inside that cherry during the period of time it
is left to dry out. The chemical reactions that take place leave a powerful imprint on the seeds,
changing them in a way that can dramatically alter the flavor profile they will later produce
when roasted and brewed. Some character traits are amplified in the process and others
suppressed. A handful are created during the course of the drying, tastes that are specific to
natural processed coffees and give them their trademark aromatic intensity.

This coffee is the result of a collaboration between a community of smallholder farmers living in
Alaka, a small village (kebele) in Southern Ethiopia and METAD, the quality and social impact
vehicle that Aman Adinew and his family founded nearly a decade ago. Since that time, as a
result of METAD’s focus on maximizing quality and investing in infrastructure for the
communities the area has become known around the world as a source of some of the most
exciting coffees in the entire country. Exceptionally favorable growing conditions together with
scrupulous management of harvest and processing detail is the reason this natural lot from
Alaka can be so profoundly flavorful and expressive while maintaining the precision and clarity
of a washed coffee.