ECW 2017 Preview: San Francisco

ECW 2017 Preview: San Francisco

Tomorrow we welcome supply chain partners, friends and special guests from around the world to our ninth annual Extraordinary Coffee Workshop in San Francisco. The event’s content will be shaped in important ways by its setting, and that is by design.

ECW is a moveable feast that takes place in a different location every year. So far, it has traveled to seven different countries on three continents. ECW participants explore the coffee culture of its host countries to better understand the unique contributions each one makes to global coffee culture.   Most ECW events have been held in coffee-growing countries and have focused on production and post-harvest exploration. ECW 2017 will be held in San Francisco and will seek insight and inspiration from engagement with leaders from three sectors that make San Francisco a world-class city: food, wine and technology. While the focus of this cultural exploration varies from year to year, the engagement with local traditions and tastemakers is a pillar of ECW.

ECW is also part coffee seminar, part sensory exercise, part Direct Trade supply chain summit and part family reunion.

Coffee seminar

ECW features provocative presentations on coffee agronomy, processing and quality by leading coffee researchers, coffee scientists and coffee innovators who present cutting-edge data, analysis and actionable insight to our team and growers in our Direct Trade network. In 2017, ECW will pick up where we left off in 2016, with a discussion of experimental approaches to fermentation, including the use of commercial yeasts in coffee processing.  But ECW isn’t just about information.  It is about actionable information that our Direct Trade partners can put to use when they return to their countries of origin.

Sensory experience

ECW creates a unique opportunity for chain-wide sensory calibration: we cup and taste a diverse array of coffees together with our Direct Trade partners from around the world to more tightly align our understanding of quality throughout our supply chains. In 2017, Vice President of Coffee Geoff Watts and QC Director Sam Sabori will lead a chain-wide calibration exercise focused on the links between post-harvest processing and cup quality.

Direct Trade supply chain summit

ECW is an exercise in supply chain transparency during which we bring our collaborators from around the world together to confer with one another and participate actively in conversations about the future of Intelligentsia. President James McLaughlin will assess the State of Intelligentsia and lay out our vision for 2018, Vice President of Coffee Geoff Watts will give a sensory State of the Union, QC and Roasting Director Sam Sabori will lay out a new set of quality protocols, Cold Coffee R+D Director Bailey Manson will update the group on our cold coffee project and Director of Sourcing Michael Sheridan will present innovations in our sourcing program.

Family reunion

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, ECW is a coffee family reunion for the Intelligentsia team and the quality-focused growers and progressive traders we partner with from around the world. In many cases, we have been working with our current supply chain partners for more than a decade. Over the past year, we have worked with 36 Direct Trade partners in 14 countries around the world, all of which will be represented at ECW 2017 in San Francisco. Our Direct Trade partners are not just trading partners, but true partners in our business and dear friends. We cherish these opportunities to gather them in one place, and celebrate the fact that ECW has created a global network of growers that has taken on a life of its own: the ECW Champions group has become a mutual support network comprised of some of the world’s most accomplished and committed farmers whose shared commitment to coffee quality inspires us all.

Look for daily updates on ECW 2017 activities and follow our social media feeds for live coverage of the event on our Instagram feeds at @IntelligentsiaCoffee and @IntelliSourcing, and on our Twitter accounts at @Intelligentsia and @IntelliSourcing.  Use the hashtag #IntelliECW for both feeds.

And mark your calendars now for Public Day on Friday, September 29th, when we open the doors of our San Francisco Roasting Works (1125 Mariposa in Potrero Hill) from 10 am – 3 pm for coffee tastings, a coffee competition with a People’s Choice award (come, taste, vote and be counted!), a panel discussion with members of our Direct Trade network, food and live music by the Broun Fellinis.