ECW 2014 – Ethiopia

ECW 2014 – Ethiopia

This week, we’re hosting our annual Direct Trade event Extraordinary Coffee Workshop. As many of you know, this is really special for us as it brings together all of our Direct Trade coffee producers to share coffee, ideas and forge friendships. Now in its sixth year, we can confidently say that the result of this event is better coffee for you and I, and more sustainable, successful businesses for our producers. This year’s event is particularly special as we’re bringing these world class producers back to the country that gave coffee to the world – Ethiopia. Follow the story via our social media, and learn more about last year’s event here.


Intelligentsia is thrilled to be holding our Extraordinary Coffee Workshop (ECW) in what is one of the most exciting and intriguing coffee producing nations on the planet. This unique event provides a collaborative forum for coffee growers from around the world to develop a deeper understanding about the challenges, solutions and opportunities in the specialty coffee market.

The producers in attendance are some of the most progressive and quality-focused coffee producers in the world. However, many rarely get the opportunity to taste the coffees of like-minded producers from other countries or even neighboring regions. To address this, Intelligentsia will be conducting roasting, brewing and cupping workshops, throughout the event.


Additionally, this year’s ECW will include a public symposium – a collaborative event design to create meaningful dialogue between thought leaders in the Ethiopian Specialty Coffee sector and a highly accomplished group of visionary coffee farmers from around the world. Intelligentsia has brought together a group of award-winning farmers and exporters representing 15 countries to share what they’ve learned over the last two decades about improving quality, navigating the marketplace and creating a sustainable, profitable coffee business.

Attendees will visit farms in the famous regions of Sidama and Yirgacheffe, an incredible opportunity to see one of the only places in the world where coffee has been an integral part of traditional culture for many centuries. The significance of this is particularly relevant these days in light of how rapidly the coffee landscape is evolving. Unprecedented volatility in the market, the growth of the global demand for specialty and the changes in climate in recent years are all signals that our industry must take a progressive and proactive approach to learning and finding new ways to adapt and collaborate to improve our chances of success.

This year’s workshops will discuss the history of coffee in Ethiopia, the state of the coffee market today, new farming and processing practices that yield higher quality and our hopes for the future. We’ll invite updates from all our producers on new ideas and techniques being employed, and Intelligentsia baristas and roasters will be on hand to share their impressions of this past year’s coffees and consumer trends.