Costa Rica Providencia Honey

Costa Rica Providencia Honey

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Providencia, Tarrazú

Typica, Caturra, Catuai

1450-1650 m

December 2020 – February 2021

Raw Sugar | Apple | Dried Cherry

Coopedota is a smallholder coffee cooperative with an unusual commitment to quality. In our experience, very few cooperatives possess both the willingness and the ability to sift through the coffees of hundreds of growers to identify a handful of standouts like this one.

It was grown in Providencia by small-scale growers whose farms are located at elevations between 1450-1650 meters above sea level in the Los Santos Forest Reserve. They delivered their freshly harvested cherry to a small-scale processing center operated by Coopedota in Providencia sometimes referred to as a “micromill.”

Costa Rica has been the site of what has been called the “micromill revolution” in recent years — a proliferation of decentralized, small-scale processing centers that have helped to drive quality improvements, increase the efficiency of post-harvest operations, and create new and more direct links to growers in remote communities.

When this coffee was delivered to the Coopedota micromill in Providencia, the cherry skin was removed from the fruit, and after 24 hours, the seed was laid in the sun to begin drying in the sticky mucilage that gives the honey process its name. After three days, It was moved to raised beds in an open-ended greenhouse, where it dried slowly over two additional weeks.

Michael Sheridan
— Director of Sourcing and Shared Value