This weekend, Intelligentsia is proud to stand up for the principles of equality, fairness, freedom and human rights.

We believe the ban on immigrants from seven predominantly Muslim countries enacted last week represents a clear affront to those principles. And the American Civil Liberties Union believes it represents a clear violation of our Constitution and due process. That’s why the ACLU was part of the successful effort to block the implementation of the ban in New York, and why it is suing the administration to overturn the initiative entirely. And that’s why we are contributing a percentage of all sales in our coffeebars this weekend to the ACLU, joining it and hundreds of other coffee companies across the country in defense of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the progressive values we share.

From Friday, February 3 to Sunday, February 5, every purchase you make in our stores in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York will support this effort. And while supplies last, we will donate all profits from sales of our Itty Bitty Askinosie chocolate bars to the cause, because nothing counters the bitter taste of discrimination like a little sweetness. Don’t live near one of our coffeebars? We’ve got you covered: buy any single-origin coffee on our website this weekend and we will contribute a percentage of your purchase to the ACLU.

This weekend’s initiative is only the first action Intelligentsia will take in 2017 as part of a broader campaign to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights here at home and the causes of economic justice, environmental conservation and equality everywhere. It is a natural commitment for a coffee company that has been at the forefront of celebrating the diversity of coffee, expressed in the flavors it produces, the places where it is grown and the people who make it delicious.

Coffee is an immigrant here in the United States, after all. It was born in Western Ethiopia and the Boma Plateau of South Sudan and made a migrant’s journey through the Middle East, Europe and Latin America before it ever reached our shores. Its flavor is imparted by the places where it is grown and the painstaking work of passionate people — people who are beginning to question whether they are as welcome here as their coffee is. We don’t just believe in our right to visit them on their farms and host them in our coffeebars — our business depends on it. So we are committing to the hard work necessary to ensure our freedom to visit one another, to continue to celebrate coffee’s diversity, and to show them and the entire world that they are more welcome than ever.

This weekend, please help us deliver that message — be our guest us at one of our coffeebars or purchase a single-origin coffee on our website.