Borealis Blend

Borealis Blend

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smallholder growers and METAD, Ethiopia
smallholder growers and Origin Coffee Lab, Peru
Kegwa Estate and Pacika Estate, Kenya

Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia
San Ignacio, Peru
Kirinyaga and Kiambu, Kenya

Ethiopian landraces, traditional Latin American varieties, SL-28, SL-34

1500-200 m

October 2020-August 2021

Orange | Dried Cherry | Caramel

Borealis is designed to inspire the same sense of wonder as the dazzling light show for which our seasonal winter blend is named.

Every winter, the sun sends forth a solar wind so fast that it makes 100-million-mile odyssey to Earth in less than two days. Millions of hyper-charged solar particles ride that wind to the north pole, where they send technicolor cascades off the outer bounds of our atmosphere. The effect is something other-worldly.

Borealis is similarly meant to mark the season and inspire awe, both with the iridescent bag and the coffee that goes inside.

This year’s edition combines washed coffees from three origins. It is anchored by the abundant stone fruit flavors and sugary sweetness of our Ethiopia METAD Chelchele. It is complemented by a lot from organic smallholder farmers in northern Peru, and two coffees from Kenya: one community lot from the coffee processing station at Kegwa in Kirinyaga and the other from Pacika Estate in Kiambu. The sweetness and fruit flavors in Borealis will warm your body and fire your mind this winter.