Black History Month

Black History Month

Celebrate Black History Month!

Follow along on our social channels this month as we celebrate Black history and amplify the voices of Black owned businesses in the coffee industry and beyond!

We’re launching 3 weekly series throughout the month of February:

Mondays: Check out our Instagram Stories for a Resource Roundup – from podcasts, to workshops, to organizations, we’ve got a way for you to get engaged with Black History & build tools for anti-racism.

Wednesdays: Tune in to our ‘Unsung Heroes’ series where we will be celebrating Black historical figures who have been left out & written out of mainstream recounts of Black History, Civil Rights, and liberation of Black people. 

Fridays: Some of our favorite Black-owned businesses in coffee will be taking over our IG stories each Friday, highlighting their work & the people who bring it to life!

Follow along here!

See below for a comprehensive list of Black History Month Resources from our Resource Roundups:

Historically Black
Witness Black History
Intersectionality Matters!
Code Switch
Change Cadet

Organizations & Initiatives:

The Marsha P. Johnson Institute
Undoing Racism: The People’s Institute for Surviving and Beyond
Microsoft Launches Immersive Black History Month Experience Free for K-12 Students
Black History Month: Teaching the Complete History

Anti-Racism Tools & Resources:
Do the Work: Becoming an Accomplice
10 Keys to Everyday Anti-Racism
Resources on Intersectionality from the Office for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion of George Washington University

Other Resources:
Kimberlé Crenshaw: TED Talk, The Urgency of Intersectionality
Being Black in Specialty Coffee by Sierra Burgess-Yeo
10 Must-Watch Black Documentaries curated by PBS