A most improbable coffee

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We introduced you a few weeks ago here to the impossible-but-true story of Mokhtar Alkhanshali and his Quixotic quest to bring the ancient art of Yemeni coffee into the 21st century.

Dave Eggers tells a longer version of that story over more than 300 spellbinding pages in his bestselling book The Monk of Mokha.

Reading about how Mokhtar chased his dream across continents and cultures and into the upheaval of a civil war may instill some respect for Yemen’s storied coffee history, its ancient culture and the extraordinary work of his company Port of Mokha to bring Yemeni coffee to market against long odds.

But the best way to appreciate Yemeni coffee and Port of Mokha’s heroic work to revive it, of course, is to taste it.  And today we begin taking orders for a stunning lot of coffee that speaks more about Yemen’s coffee than all the words in the world.

It is a natural-process peaberry from the fly crop in Al-Jabal—a small second harvest produced by a modest second flowering of the coffee plants in the region—that tastes to us like cherry, applesauce and blackberry.  The idea that a lot from Yemen like this one—a tiny lot of peaberry seed, harvested at peak ripeness from the country’s second flowering, sorted with meticulous care and traced to its source—could be had at all, let alone delivered while still fresh, would have been laughable even a year or two ago. And yet, here it is.  Grab this unlikely lot of coffee while it lasts: there are fewer than 200 pounds available this year on planet Earth.

Buy our Port of Mokha Al-Jabal Yemen Special Selection HERE.

Buy a copy of The Monk of Mokha signed by Mokhtar and Dave Eggers HERE.

Buy both and save a cool 15% on the total.


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