Geisha Trilogy Reserve Collection

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This one is pretty exciting – a collection of three geisha coffees, each from a different continent. The next release in our reserve series, this exclusive Geisha collection offers a rare glimpse into one of the most renowned varieties of coffee in the world. Geisha coffees are famous for their intense floral aromatics, and complex sweetness. Its use in competitions has vaulted farms and baristas to international acclaim, and while many producers have started planting it, the low yield still makes geisha coffees somewhat rare.

Led by Geoff Watts, our team of coffee buyers has assembled three different geisha lots: Gesha Village Estate from the town of Gesha in Ethiopia, Finca Inmaculada from Valle de Cauca in Colombia, and Finca San Francisco in Mogola, Honduras.


The collection contains 50g of each coffee, all beautifully packaged in our custom tins, wrapped in bespoke letterpress details by our friends at Rohner Letterpress, which included a booklet by Geoff detailing the story of Geisha, and the story of each coffee in the collection. The collection will be available for pre-order on August 3, with the first roasts shipping on August 12th.

Posted in Direct Trade, Retail, Sourcing

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