Intelligentsia’s New Bags


Starting the week of September 22, we are launching our line of newly redesigned coffee bags. These new bags are an evolution of our existing bags with some much needed improvements in both look and structure.

New Bags

We decided to give our beloved bags a little update. Our new bags all have the same build quality and structure as our Seasonal blends, which we launched last year. The bags are far more rigid, allowing them to stand up straight better. We installed a resealable zip opener, so say goodbye to those tin-ties and the scissors you used to open the old bags!

Details 1

The general design of the bag is much the same but you’ll notice some small tweaks – bigger, cleaner labels with more colors and a sharp new design that makes it much easier to read, the iconic wave pattern now feels like the contours on a topographic map, and we’ve brought the cat back as our main Black Cat logo.

Black Cat

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