ECW 2013 Brazil

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This August, Intelligentsia is bringing the Extraordinary Coffee Workshop back to origin. After Colombia, El Salvador, Los Angeles and Chicago, we are delighted to announce that the fifth ECW is taking place in Brazil!<–break->

Taking place August 6 – 11, the primary goal of ECW is to unite growers who have made a serious commitment to quality and create a forum to share knowledge. We want to build a network of farmer-to-farmer support, through which the best ideas and innovations being pioneered by visionary growers around the world can be exchanged. Past years included workshops on brewing, cupping, roasting as well as farmer profiles and open discussions on emerging trends in the market. This year we will be focusing mainly on farm practices, in a country that leads the world in coffee export, but also hosts an incredibly diverse industry with tiny farms always experimenting, to much larger farms utilizing the latest technology.

We’ll begin ECW 2013 in Poços de Caldas in the region of São Sebastiao da Grama, with our friends at Bourbon Specialty Coffee. We then travel east to Carmo de Minas where our friends and veteran ECW attendees Luiz Paulo Pereira and Jacques Carneiro run Carmo Coffees. We will explore their farms, state of the art cupping labs and see first hand how these two producers process hundreds of thousands of sacks of specialty coffee every year.

To help give an overview of the ECW, we’ve created the following video. Look for more over the next few weeks.

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